Press Release -Todd Anthony Tyler’s New TV show Fit for Fashion

October 5th, 2014

International resident photographer, fashion & style icon, fitness consultant, personal trainer and nutrition expert, Mr Todd Anthony Tyler, is set to burn up Asia’s TV screens yet again with the hottest new program to be released this season:

Fit for Fashion!

Join Todd Anthony Tyler and his co-star celebrity judges as they take you on a fitness journey that has only one true destination: FASHION! Over ten episodes, “Fit for Fashion” will feature Todd Anthony Tyler as one of the celebrity judges as contestants will be in the running to win USD $100,000 as they face physical and style-related challenges!

Proudly presented via StarWorld in Q4 this year (2014), “Fit for Fashion” will see Todd bringing to the judging table an enviable slew of talents and career-highlights.

Todd Anthony Tyler is well-known for his background not only as a photographer for “Vogue,” “elle,” “GQ” and more, but also as one of the judges on the prestigious reality program, “Asia’s Next Top Model .” Todd’s experience as a fashion model, photographer and stint as a personal trainer & nutrition expert combine to create a fitness/fashion judge of the highest order! As Todd Anthony Tyler ’s fans are well aware, Todd is himself also the face AND body of leading fitness-wear brand, Aumnie. Clearly, Todd will be the one to watch this season as 12 regular citizens take centre stage to undergo a complete makeover and personal overhaul during the must-watch episodes of “Fit for Fashion !”

Everyone’s asking about Todd’s role as “resident photographer” on “Fit for Fashion” and wants to know what the key aspects of the photo shoots were photographically as well as personally and how Todd Anthony Tyler ’s experiences of shooting for a reality show differed from doing regular fashion shoots.

The aim of Todd’s photo shoots and his insights into this role are the buzz of the fashion, photographic, styling and fitness worlds right now as the media are investigating Todd’s take on being in demand for the “Fit for Fashion ” project.

Together with his stylist/photo-editor wife, Karina, Todd Anthony Tyler is a long-term fixture on the international fashion and fitness stage. At the top of their game, Todd and Karina are regulars on the red carpet as “A-List” guests around the world at fashion weeks & other glittering events in London, Paris, New York, LA, Shanghai, Beijing, Sydney,Tokyo, Seoul, Toronto and of course in Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Bangkok and more!

If you think Todd looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve spotted him not only on TV but in glossy fashion and fitness magazines as reporters clamour to interview him to find out what his top-tips are for achieving your personal best in every situation. Now, interviewers are eager to know about Todd Anthony Tyler ’s experiences in terms of what it’s like to be a judge and how judging “Fit for Fashion” is different from judging the modelling competitions on “Asia’s Next Top Model.” Fashionistas, fashion-fans, fitness devotees and the media at large are asking Todd Anthony Tyler for his reflections on exactly WHAT criteria he’s looking for while judging and HOW he makes an objective critique.

Achieving your personal best is the essence of “Fit for Fashion .” Being the first reality show of its exact kind, “Fit for Fashion” is an inspiring show which is set to make others obsolete, as each episode will give you practical ideas you can use in your daily life at home for staying fit and dressing your best. Todd is an expert on the process of fitness-training and the transformative potential of using the right techniques for your age, current fitness level, body type and nutritional needs in order to re-energise your life, sensibly, safely and effectively. This is where Todd’s university qualifications in Biology and Anthropology come in handy: he is not only scientifically “in the know,” but also has the cultural understanding & sensitivity to take it to the international stage with ease and, let’s face it, a LOT of gentlemanly charm!

Not only charm but strong international support has seen the buzz around “Fit for Fashion” reach fever-pitch. A recent event in Kuala Lumpur garnered the support of

Ms Helen Grant (British MP for Sport) who joined the CEO of
Fitness First : Asia, Simon Flint and
Riaz Mehta , President and Founder of Imagine Group to officially launch the show.

Clearly, Todd Anthony Tyler is well-placed as he walks his talk, personally influencing the fashion element of “Fit for Fashion” as he draws from his past experience again not only as a model but as a fashion photographer. Todd’s personal and professional commitment to excellence in fashion and photography go hand-in-hand with his decision to follow a healthy, active, fitness-based lifestyle, making his role on “Fit for Fashion ” essential tv-viewing this season!

For more information or to interview Todd Anthony Tyler about his work and his involvement as a guest judge and as resident photographer on “Fit for Fashion,” please email: