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Todd Anthony Tyler Photography for Uma Wang


Todd Anthony Tyler is well recognized as a leading fashion and advertisement photographer in Asia as well as globally. Todd originally started in the fashion industry as a model and travelled extensively from Milan to Tokyo, ultimately working and experiencing over 25 different countries as a model. Todd's international experience continued with his transition into fashion photography where he was able to take a life long passion and combine it with his knowledge of the fashion industry and creative instinct. Todd's work from over 15 years of fashion photography have been seen on the pages of Vogue China, Harper's Bazaar China, L'Officiel China and GQ. Todd has also photographed campaigns for celebrated fashion designer Uma Wang along with Ritz-Carlton hotels, L'Oreal, Adidas, Snickers and Ports 1961. For 4 years Todd wrote a monthly column on fashion photography for Asian Photography and was one of the first to discover and shoot top models Liu Wen, Fei Fee Sun and Kiki Kong. Currently Todd is also a regular lecturer for Conde Nast in China on the subjects of photography and men's lifestyle.


At the core of Todd's work is really his entrepreneurial spirit which has Todd not only finding success as a photographer but also as an on air personality on the TV shows Asia's Next Top Model and Fit for Fashion. Todd entered into the TV industry 5 years ago with being cast into the role of resident judge and photographer for Asia's Next Top Model and continued on to be the resident photographer and judge for the TV show Fit for Fashion. Todd continues to work in TV on both sides of the camera in developing new formats and assisting in production of TV shows as Director Business Development at


Todd is a partner in the clothing brand AUMNIE and also has created his own clothing lines TAT by Todd Anthony Tyler and Todd Anthony Tyler Suits


Todd's interest in fashion, entertainment and the sharing of knowledge is further exercised in his men's style blog -The Perfect Chemical- where he shares tips and thoughts on a gentleman's lifestyle from suiting up and accessories to travel and the joy of  enjoying whisky.


Todd also enjoys a healthy lifestyle and is a strong advocate for balanced and nutritious eating habits, regular exercise and for adopting daily behaviours that take into consideration the sustainability and maintenance of our environment.


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Todd Anthony Tyler shoots Thai star Ploy Chermarn
Todd Anthony Tyle shoots Thai princess sirivannavari nariratana for Numero
Todd Anthony Tyler Numero cover shoot

Todd Anthony Tyler's career on TV really started during his model career and the 26 TV commercials he did across the globe. Todd's first appearance on a TV show came with him being casted as the resident photographer and judge on the first season of Asia's Next Top Model. Todd continues his on air role with TV as the resident photographer and judge in Fit for Fashion TV. Todd is active on both sides of the camera in TV and film production with supporting roles in show developments, casting and marketing media



TAT by Todd Anthony Tyler

TAT by Todd Anthony Tyler is a design lead fashion brand. Todd Anthony Tyler is best known for his fashion photography and TV work as resident photographer and judge on Asia’s Next Top Model and Fit for Fashion.

The unique nature of the brand comes from Todd being influence in his clothing design directly by his fashion photography. Each garment or accessory is limited edition and created on demand which reflects Todd’s environmental efforts. 10% of all sales from TAT by Todd Anthony Tyler go in support of Happy Hearts in Indonesia, a non-profit organization dedicated to rebuilding schools and helping communities in remote areas receive access to proper eduction.


Join Todd for men's style inspiration and information for the modern gentleman on his style blog The Perfect Chemical. Written by Todd, the Perfect Chemical features weekly posts on suits, shoes, watches, accessories and whisky.


Todd Anthony Tyler has had a lifelong passion for sport and exercise. One of Todd's greatest pleasures is to share his enthusiasm for healthy living with others with hopes of encouraging sustainable life practices that lead to a happy and energized life. Join Todd at Todd Anthony Tyler Fitness for daily notes on nutrition, working out and mindfulness. 

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