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  • toddatylerphoto
    Jun 20, 2018

    I think one of the biggest mistakes people make when moving into making photography a full time job and business is being a general photographer. We all enjoy photographing range of images as I am sure anyone with a keen interest in photography who is carrying on to go pro has explored shooting a range of genera’s and styles. However, presenting a portfolio of work that is not cohesive is only going to confuse people when you are first trying to secure clients and establish yourself as a pro. It really doesn’t put confidence in anyone seeking a photographer if they are seeing a smattering of imagery as people like to hire photographers that are demonstrating to them that they are very good and consistent at the style or type of image that a client is seeking. At the very least only present suitable work in line with what a prospective client is looking for. First impressions here are important and you will want to separate yourself from others who are competing for the same clients. Once you have become well-established in one genera of photography and perhaps in a distinctive style and are generating solid and steady earnings then you can expand and show a broader range of work. 不要做“通才” 当你决定做全职摄影师的时候,不要想着做“通才摄影师”,这是一个大误区。如果你把所有的作品集合在一起,但它们风格又不统一,那么你会给你的客户造成疑惑,因为这样的作品集很难证明你是专业的摄影师。比起对各种拍摄风格都一知半解或者了解不深的摄影师,人们对拍摄风格稳定的摄影师会更有信心。至少要根据潜在客户的需要,提供合适的服务。第一印象很重要,你也想让客户看到你与众不同的一面。一旦你在某种摄影领域站稳了脚跟,形成自己独特的风格,拥有稳定的收入,那么你就可以拓宽自己的摄影领域。
  • toddatylerphoto
    Jun 14, 2018

    Most people will not be starting out with an unlimited budget when moving into photography as a profession. Even if you do have large sums of money it would only be good business practice to not over spend. Many people don’t understand that your images are more so impacted by the lenses you use rather then the camera you use. There can be a long list of reasons for using various types of lenses – one of the main reasons being what type of photography you are doing. For most types of photography and the main reason I am suggesting buying good glass before expensive camera bodies is to buy fast lenses. Those are lenses that have wide apertures of 2.8 or wider. For sure there is going to be more then one low light instance where having a fast lens will achieve much better results then relying on straight flash and you are going to be happy that your put your extra dollars in high quality lenses. Here is a very rough guide on lens focal lengths and their main use to provide you with some direction on what you might want to buy or rent. 14 mm to 35 mm range lenses are generally used in landscape photography, for shooting architecture and landscapes as well as a good lens range for environment portraits and street and edgy fashion photography 50mm is often referred to as the classic lens and further described as the focal length that gives you and image the resembles how you view a scene with the naked eye. The 50 mm is often use for portraits and in fashion photography 85 mm is the classic portrait lens and also good for fashion 90mm to 100mm is often also found to be a macro lens which can be use for portraits or fashion images but is most commonly used for close up work be it products like jewelry or images of small subjects like insects that they can be photographed one to one 100 to 200 mm lenses are use predominately in fashion, for portraits- and in nature and sport photography. 200mm and up lenses are basically used for shooting sports and wildlife, in particularly birds. 把钱花在摄影机的镜头上 大多数人在进入摄影行业初期,预算都有限。即使你资金充裕,也要控制好预算,不能超支。很多人不明白,镜头对拍摄的影响比摄影机对照片的影响更大。为什么要使用不同的镜头?原因很多。其中有一个主要原因是取决于你从事什么类型的拍摄。对于大多数的摄影,我建议,如果需要入手好的镜片,那么就购买快镜头。这些镜片的孔径为2.8 mm或更宽。当然,低亮度的情况下,快速镜头的拍摄效果会更好。然后依靠直闪,这个时候你会庆幸在镜头上花钱是很值得的。接下来是关于镜头焦距的简单指南,教你如何购买或者租借合适的镜头。 14mm到35mm的镜头通常用于风景摄影,拍摄建筑、风景、环境、街景以及前卫的时装摄影。 50mm通常被称为经典镜头,被称为聚焦镜头,拍摄的效果非常接近人肉眼观察到的实物。50mm通常用于人物拍摄和时装摄影。 85mm是经典的人物拍摄镜头,也适合时尚摄影。 90mm到100mm是微距镜头,可以用于人物拍摄或时尚拍摄,但最常用的还是拍摄实物,如珠宝或像昆虫这样的小东西。 100mm到200mm镜头主要用于时尚、人物,自然和动态拍摄。 200mm及以上的镜头主要用拍摄运动画面和野生动物,特别是鸟类。
  • toddatylerphoto
    May 24, 2018

    · It is pretty simple really. Always give a little cuff · Of all the best fit suggestions I recommend you pay attention to your sleeve length and how much shirt sleeve is showing · An obvious and clear fit detail · In my opinion, a true finishing touch to your suit styling · There is some debate on how much sleeve to show but a solid guideline is to have your jacket sleeve come to the hinge of your wrist so that about 1 ½ to 2 cm of your shirt cuff shows · Personally I show a little extra shirt cuff showing so I leave a good 2 cm of shirt cuff showing 记得露出一点衬衣袖口 这个真的是很简单,记得露出一点衬衣袖口!有关西装是否合身的建议,我特别提醒你注意袖子的长度,衬衣的袖长能明显体现西装是否合身,在我看来衬衣的袖长是点睛之笔。如果西装的肩宽了,袖子不平整,你勉强还可以驾驭,但是如果袖口盖到了你的指关节,那么别人就会怀疑你这套西装是从哪里借来的。 关于袖子的确切位置和袖口的尺寸存在一些争议,但是有一个保险的方法,那就是裁剪,我说裁剪是因为不管你是定制西装还是购买成衣西装,你都需要裁剪调整一下,让你的西装袖口盖到你的手腕处,这样你的衬衣袖口就可以露出1.5cm–2cm。 因为某些原因,我个人倾向于露出2cm的袖口,只要是在1–2cm的范围内都可以,这会让你的西装看起来像定制的一样,也会让你看上去像穿西装的行家。